Thursday, January 12, 2012

4 Tips for Healthy Summer Teeth

The summer months are a time when there is a lot of feasting, snacking and partying. This makes it the perfect time to “brush up” on your dental hygiene. It is also a time when you will want to keep an eye out on the kids as they snack on sweets and goodies that can threaten the good health of their teeth. Why is it so important to take care of your teeth? Good healthy teeth not only make you appear happier and more confident, but also contribute to your overall health. Teeth help you chew your food and break it down into smaller pieces. This helps create a larger surface area for your enzymes to work on them so that it can be easily digested and absorbed by your body. They also help in speech as they form the outer harder wall against which the tongue presses in order to articulate yourself as you speak. Teeth are extremely sensitive and can detect objects as thin as a human hair. Here are some simple tips for keeping your teeth healthy.

1. Brush twice a day after meals

Teaching yourself and your kids to brush in a proper manner can go a long way to keep teeth in good health. Develop a habit of brushing each part of your teeth at least for a count of ten brush strokes. First start with the outer surfaces of your upper teeth. Then go on to the outer surfaces of your lower teeth. Do the same for the inner surfaces. Finally, brush along the chewing surfaces of your teeth. Remember to brush along the gum line, the place where the gum joins the teeth. Keep your brushes at a 45 degree angle to the gum line with your toothbrush bristles pointing towards the teeth. It takes about two to five minutes to properly brush all your teeth. One simple way of ensuring that you or the kids brush for an adequate amount of time is to make it a habit to do it for the duration of one whole song on your music player.

2. Floss regularly

Our mouths are filled at all times with bacteria that are looking for places where they can deposit themselves and form a colony. One of the places that don’t get addressed by mere brushing is between the teeth. This is also where stuff like jam or peanut butter goes and deposits itself making these nooks and crannies all the more attractive to bacteria. Make sure that you floss on a daily basis to clean out these hard to reach places between your teeth.

3. Use mouthwash

Antibacterial mouthwash can help fight bacterial build up in your mouth to a very large extent. Fluoride based mouthwashes also help in strengthening the teeth. The best time to rinse your mouth with mouthwash is just before going to bed, as it will protect your teeth and mouth all through the night. Make sure you teach the children how to rinse their mouth with mouthwash without swallowing it.

4. Schedule a visit to the dentist

Summers are fun time. You may want to put off a dentist visit till later, but it is better that you schedule a visit now. Any potential damage that can be detected early will be helpful in preserving the lifelong health of your teeth. Cavities or plaque build-up that is left unattended can develop into serious problems. It is recommended that you have a thorough dental checkup once every six months.
Learning about the basics of oral and dental hygiene can help you and the kids to cope with the
indulgences of the summer months without putting your teeth at risk. Avoid snacking, brush after meals, and rinse your mouth with water every time you eat or drink something. Floss regularly, rinse with mouthwash at bedtime, and schedule regular visits with your dentist. Maintaining the health of your teeth is easy if you develop these simple habits of dental hygiene.

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