Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tips For Keeping Your Teeth Healthy In Summer

In hot summer days we all enjoy getting involved in various summer activities like outdoor sports and playing games, cycling, swimming and many more. However, sometimes these bright and long days get darkened by sudden dental emergencies. For all of us who want to avoid such dejecting situations and spend the whole summer away from dental clinics and dental offices, dental specialists from the Connecticut State Dental Association (CSDA) created a small list of special tips which can help everyone to take a proper care about their teeth and keep their mouths safe.
  • Summer is the best time for swimming, and if swimming in natural water reserves like seas, lakes or rivers is linked to less possibilities of dental damage, swimming in public pools is connected with increased risks of having tooth damage. First of all, it can be accompanied with possible physical damage like a broken tooth or a broken jaw which can be caused by falling down on a slippery surface, hitting the edge of the pool and other awkward movements.summer In addition, the studies have shown that water in the pools is usually rich in various chemicals used for cleaning and disinfecting, however, very harmful to our dental health. Therefore, try to rinse your mouth with a mouthwash or at least clean drinking water after swimming in a public pool.
  • Playing games and getting involved in other various outdoor activities can also cause traumas and dental damage. It is especially valid for children, who like playing baseball, basketball and other team games. Dental specialists recommend protecting children’s dental health and making the youngsters wear a mouth guard, a special protection system which can be purchased and goes in a variety of sizes and colors. If your child’s tooth is broken, make him rinse the mouth, clean the area around the tooth, place cooling compress if necessary and call your dentist immediately.
  • Summer is also a time for BBQs, and it is very easy to receive a cracked tooth or other tooth damage as a result of chewing or biting some hard foods like meat, popcorn,candies, nuts, ice and so on. Besides, a serious danger to our dental health is imposed by drinking various sugary carbonated drinks, eating sweets, chocolates and so on. A cracked tooth sometimes does not reveal itself at once, but further on such symptoms as toothache, sensitivity to hot or cold foods and others will start showing up. It is very important to call your dentist immediately after you discovered that you have a cracked tooth. Also, in case of cracked tooth it is recommended not to use aspirin or other types of painkiller (if it is possible) prior to seeing your dentist.

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