Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pleasanton Dentist: Regarding Gum Cosmetic Surgery

When one covers cosmetic surgery, one imagines an improvement in the physical appearance of one’s teeth or possibly even the alignment with the jaw; but plastic gum surgery? Well, says Pleasanton dental professional, the gums enjoy an integral role inside the appearance of one’s look; in fact, a healthy and even gum line is as important to your smile appearances as straight, clean white teeth and a naturally occluded chew. Many patients current with gums which may have encroached abnormally upon this crowns of the enamel, resulting in a ‘gummy’ smile and also the appearance of little stubby teeth. Others existing with gums which have receded unnaturally from the crowns of the teeth, resulting in a very ‘toothy’ equine-like grin. In both cases, Pleasanton dentistry is capable of doing restoring a more all-natural and even gum line, which can completely make-over one’s quality of smile!

The show biz industry Dentistry: Crown Prolonging
Dentists Pleasanton usually prescribe crown lengthening to patients whom present with a ‘gummy’ smile [see above pictures]. The procedure just involves the removal of the strip of chewing gum tissue that covers the crowns with the teeth. It is important to observe that in many cases the cause of unnatural encroachment of the gums about the teeth is an common bacterial infection. Inflammation as well as swelling can actually make the appearance of a ‘gummy smile’ and it is in these cases that crown lengthening would be useless. Pleasanton dentists for that reason always strive to most notably ascertain the cause of unusual gum encroachment prior to suggesting a cosmetic remedy. Should the cause possibly be bacterial infection, as is in line with gingivitis or periodontal [gum] condition, it is in the best interests of the individual and the longevity of their smile quality how the solution provided is gum treatment. Once the illness has been eliminated, point out Pleasanton dentists, your swelling should settle down, exposing more of the dental structure and rendering the smile natural.

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  1. A few techniques can be done to deliver gum treatment, be it surgery or routine. Thanks for posting it up.